The Ezekiel Elliott domestic violence investigation is still in progress, the NFL confirmed to Pro Football Talk Thursday, stating the investigation is “active and ongoing.”

Though this story seems to have died down and been pushed to the backseat, the NFL has not forgotten—and there is still the possibility Elliott could be punished.

Elliott, the Cowboys’ rookie running back, was involved in five alleged incidents with his ex-girlfriend dating back to July. Additionally, the league is including an alleged incident from February in its investigation—though this particular incident could not be used to punish Elliott, as he was not yet drafted into the NFL.

However, as Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio points out, “the February incident could help the league resolve an apparent credibility contest regarding the things that did or didn’t occur in July. If the claims made about Elliott regarding February can be independently corroborated, the league may be more likely to conclude that the alleged victim is telling the truth about July, too.”

The NFL essentially needs to determine whether it believes the alleged victim’s version of the story. Florio reports this likely will not be resolved, and any potential punishment for Elliott will not be handed down, until this offseason at the earliest.

Elliott, the odds-on MVP favorite, has rushed for 1,285 yards and 12 touchdowns this season. 

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