UPDATED 12/5/16, 6:03 p.m.:

The Kings have released the following statement: 

"We have clear standards of conduct and behavior expected of the entire Kings organization – on and off the court. We are working with all parties involved to gather information in order to take any appropriate next steps."

Matt Barnes posted this on Instagram on Monday afternoon:

Barnes has also denied the accusations made against him through a representative, according to TMZ Sports. Barnes reportedly claims that he did not start a fight and choke a woman at New York City nightclub Avenue early Monday morning and says that he was defending himself during the alleged altercation.

The rep told TMZ Sports that it all started when DeMarcus Cousins accidentally bumped a woman sitting at a booth next to the one occupied by Barnes and Cousins at the club and that several men who were with the woman tried to get physical with Barnes. Cousins reportedly jumped into the mix to help defend his teammate before the police were called. Barnes claims he has taken photos of the injuries he sustained during the incident to prove his side of the story, and his lawyer told TMZ Sports that Barnes is "hopeful no charges will be pressed."

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The NYPD reportedly wants to speak with Matt Barnes about an incident that took place at New York City nightclub Avenue early Monday morning.

According to TMZ Sports, police received a 911 call early Monday indicating that a male patron had assaulted two women and a man inside of the nightclub. That male patron is reportedly Barnes, and TMZ Sports is reporting that he has been accused of choking one of the women during the alleged incident. They are also reporting that Barnes allegedly punched the other woman and the man during the altercation after they attempted to intervene.

When the cops showed up, Barnes was no longer at the nightclub, according to the TMZ Sports report. He reportedly left the scene with one of his Kings teammates, and based on a video that TMZ Sports released a short time ago, it appears as though that teammate was DeMarcus Cousins. In the video, it sounds as though Cousins alludes to a fight that took place inside the club. "Matt hit the sh*t out this n*gga," Cousins says in the clip, which you can watch below.

The NYPD is reportedly investigating what happened at this time and looking for Barnes.

Barnes and the Kings were in New York City this weekend for a game against the Knicks on Sunday night. Barnes played 17 minutes and recorded 2 points, 3 rebounds, and 1 assist for Sacramento during the Kings’ 106-98 loss.