John Cena was in rare form as he hosted Saturday Night Live yesterday. His wrestling monologue was fantastic and he followed it up with a pitch-perfect Karate Kid sketch.

Sports was definitely clicking early in the show as he eventually played both Rob Gronkowski and an Alabama Crimson Tide player. The Alabama sketch featured Cena trying to pass his last course to play in the College Football Playoff. The thought of this hulking dude trying to give an applied science presentation is pretty hilarious.

The moment when Kenan is revealed to be on the grading panel for the exam in red and white school-colored face paint with a tweed jacket is a highlight. Cena’s deadpan “Bananas” when he is asked the subject of his presentation rightfully earns a big laugh from the audience as well. While Cena’s character is getting by on his talents on the field, we can all understand the poor, exasperated classmates next to him who aren’t quite so lucky. Think back to all those terrible group projects that you had to suffer through in high school. 

Watch the full clip above.