Even though Christmas is usually a time for celebrating with family and spreading good cheer, there is no love between the good people of Cleveland and Draymond Green. Early in their super-hyped up matchup with the Cavaliers, the passionate forward got called for his second foul of the night.

After seemingly blocking Kevin Love’s shot cleanly and drawing minimal contact from DeAndre Liggins he found himself with that crucial second foul. Bad calls are going to happen and it’s up to the All-Star to play through strange calls.

He exploded at the refs and launched into a tirade as his teammates dragged him back to the bench before he could get himself tossed. Green has often been called the heart and soul of this Golden State Warriors team. When he was suspended for Game 5 of last year’s NBA Finals, the advantage of that series swung Cleveland and never returned.

At some point, he’s going to have to keep a handle on his emotions though because when they boil over, his team suffers. The craziest part of this new and improved Golden State roster is that they can more easily absorb his absence. But, playing with fire like this won’t lead to anything good in the future.

In the regular season, he can afford a few technicals, but he might want to consider chilling out a little bit by the time that the playoffs roll around. Though it's worth noting outbursts may never end because they are so essential to what makes him the dynamic player he has become in this league.

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