This weekend has brought out the festive nature of most athletes playing this weekend. People have donned everything from ugly Christmas sweaters to ull suits that look like wrapping paper. But, DeAngelo Williams, who is no stranger to uniform codes, might take home the prize for most holiday spirit in the NFL for his outfit choice on Sunday evening.

He rolled into work today in a full elf costume: we are talking yellow tights, pointy shoes, and a winter hat to top it all off. The entire getup looks amazingly ridiculous, especially on a man his size, but who cares because it’s Christmas. With his burlap sack thrown over his shoulder, he just rolled into work just like it was any other day except for the realistic elf cosplay.

The running back could just really love the movie Elf, but that would be a crazy serious way to show love when a t-shirt or sweater would work just fine. Williams is 5-foot-9 and that’s actually pretty darn tall for an elf. He’s the shortest player on the current Steelers’ roster which means that he might just want to represent for the vertically challenged.

If Pittsburgh gets a win today against the Baltimore Ravens, then they win the AFC North and the playoffs would be waiting. I hope he’s got some magic in that bag that he brought with him because there’s no way that the Ravens are going to be in a giving mood.

Nothing is going to ruin today for the Steelers’ running back though, he looks like he’s having fun no matter what he has to do. Working on Christmas is kind of a drag, but not if you spread Christmas cheer wherever you go.

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