DeAngelo Williams’ mother died after battling breast cancer in May 2014 and, ever since then, the Steelers running back has covered himself with as much pink as possible. His hair is pink. His toes are pink. And this month, he wears as much pink as the NFL will allow as part of their Breast Cancer Awareness Month push. However, starting in November, Williams will not be allowed to wear pink on the field anymore.

Recently, Williams petitioned the NFL to give him permission to wear pink beyond the end of October. It would seem like a pretty simple request, especially when you consider how much pink players are wearing this month. But according to reports, the NFL shut him down and told him that he’ll have to go back to wearing his usual uniform once October ends:

This is not all that surprising, given the NFL’s history of fining players for the tiniest little uniform infractions. But would it really be that big of a deal if Williams wore, like, a pink wristband or a pink towel during games? You wouldn’t think so, but welcome to the NFL!

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