Ronda Rousey’s last fight was her shocking loss to Holly Holm, but she returns to the ring soon: UFC 207 is Friday. It’s good to have her back.

When you’re fighting the Ronda Rousey—even when she’s coming off of a career-deflating loss—you have to get creative with your preparation, or you’re sure to get eaten alive.

Well, Amanda Nunes, Rousey’s opponent, certainly got creative. She rolled up to the weigh-in wearing a lion mask. *DJ Khaled voice* LIIOOONNN!

So, what is she trying to say—she’ll be king of the jungle Friday? There is some reasoning behind the symbol, as Nunes’ nickname is “Lionness.”

The origin story, via MMA Fighting: “I was the only woman in the gym, and I was tough, so they decided to call me ‘leoa’ (lioness, in Portuguese). And people liked it.”

Rousey didn’t speak during the ceremonial stare-down.

It’s still weird to see Rousey referred to as the “former champ.” She seems relaxed heading into her return.

Nunes, at 13-4, is a formidable opponent, but Rousey is still the favorite in Vegas.

The Nunes-Rousey fight is the last of the night, and it’s scheduled to begin at 11 p.m.

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