The Cubs won the World Series on Wednesday night, so you know what that means, right? It means that they’re going to be everywhere over the course of the next few weeks. From the streets of Chicago where they’ll be honored with a parade to the sets of late-night TV talk shows, Cubs players are going to be in high demand. And rightfully so. The players on this team ended a championship drought that extended for more than 100 years, so they deserve everything that they have coming to them.

In addition to parades and late-nights interviews with Stephen Colbert and the like, the Cubs are also going to get an official invite from the President of the United States to visit the White House. Typically, an invite from the POTUS for a championship team to visit the White House comes during their next season. For example, the White House hosted the 2015 World Series champions, the Royals, in July, nearly nine months after they beat the Mets in the World Series. But shortly after the Cubs won Game 7 on Wednesday, President Obama took to Twitter to congratulate the team—and to let them know that he’d like to have the Cubs visit the White House before he leaves office in January. President Obama is a diehard White Sox fan, but even he’s swept up in what the Cubs have accomplished and wants to get a meeting with them sooner than later:

No word yet on whether or not the Cubs will accept that invitation and make an offseason visit happen. But even if they’re not able to swing it, it sounds like whoever Obama’s predecessor is will be just as eager to meet with them. Hillary Clinton sent out this tweet after their World Series win:

And while Donald Trump didn’t tweet about the outcome of Game 7, he has received political donations from Joe Ricketts, whose family owns the Cubs. So one way or another, the Cubs are going to the White House. It’s just all about when they can find some time in their suddenly very busy schedule.