Rolando Aarons, a 20-year-old midfielder for the English soccer team Newcastle United, was arrested in the wee hours of Sunday morning after he completely lost his mind in a nightclub brawl in Newcastle. His anger stemmed from a handful of eight to 10 men who were reportedly "bumping and grinding on his aunt." Aarons reportedly left his VIP area to confront the gaggle of clubgoers, which sparked a situation that devolved into a "mini-riot" and included bottles of Dom Perignon, as well as tables, being thrown around.

A source who witnessed the whole thing spoke with the British tabloid The Sun and said that Aarons "was having a great time" at the club on Saturday night and Sunday morning. However, according to that witness, he "noticed eight to ten blokes trying to bump and grind with his auntie on the dance floor." And what started off as harmless fun quickly turned serious when one of the men pulled out a phone and started recording. "It was all treated as a joke," the witness said, "and Rolando laughed it off. When they started to film it, Rolando’s mood changed and he took great offense. He went over and told them to stop. His view was that they’d had their fun and it was going too far."

According to that same witness, the fallout that ensued was extremely chaotic and featured "girls falling about all over the place and people being trapped." There was reportedly "blood everywhere" within just a few minutes. The security also had their hands full with more than just Aarons, as one witness claimed it took five bouncers to control his aunt. "It was bedlam," the witness said.

Local police reported that one man from the fracas was sent to the hospital with "facial injuries." They also reported that a total of nine people have been arrested so far, including Aarons who was later released on bail.