Wisconsin basketball player Nigel Hayes is one of the many college athletes who thinks he should be paid by the NCAA for competing at the collegiate level. For proof of that, look no further than some of the tweets he sent out on Friday night:

Thing is, unless you follow Hayes on social media, you probably missed those tweets. But it was pretty hard to miss the strong statement the Wisconsin senior made on Saturday morning when he showed up on the set of ESPN’s College GameDay holding a sign that drove his point home. On the sign, Hayes identified himself as a "Broke College Athlete" and encouraged people at home to send him money through Venmo. "Anything helps," he wrote.

Hayes actually hinted at how he was going to bring the sign to College GameDay with this tweet on Wednesday:

No word yet on how much money Hayes raised by holding the sign, but it’s probably not really about the money anyway. Hayes’ goal here was to raise awareness on the issue of college athletes not being paid, and he just did more with one handwritten sign than he could have done with a year’s worth of Twitter rants.

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