Kevin Garnett was perhaps more intense than any player in NBA history not named Michael Jordan.

As KG said goodbye to the NBA after 21 seasons last week, fans remembered his prowess in the paint, his accumulation of accolades and—perhaps most notably—the raw emotion with which he played the game. This high-octane demeanor is perhaps most famously evident in his “Anything is possible!” exclamation after the 2008 NBA Finals.

But this intensity served as a double-edged sword; Garnett’s vicious trash talking would sometimes get him into serious trouble. He went way too far on several occasions. It was so bad that Thunder center Steven Adams pretended to not speak English to avoid his constant banter.

While some of these instances were fairly benign, others were egregious and will no doubt be a part of Garnett’s legacy that he may one day prefer to forget. So here are The 8 Meanest Things Kevin Garnett Ever Said