The Texas Longhorns are facing the No. 10-ranked Notre Dame in Austin, Texas on Sunday night. This is the biggest game of the young season for the Longhorns, and most notably for their head coach Charlie Strong. After finishing a disappointing 2015 season with a 5-7 overall record (4-5 in the Big 12 conference, tied for 5th place), Strong is speculated to be on the hot seat.

So the Texas coaching staff enlisted Academy Award-winning actor, Texas native, and University of Texas alum Matt McConaughey to give a motivational speech to the Longhorns before their showdown against the favored Fighting Irish. This isn't the first time he came to speak to the Texas Longhorn squad.

McConaughey channeled his inner-Anthony Robbins when he spoke in-depth to the Longhorns about how work ethic will mitigate their fears of not playing to their potential, and that it is OK to have nerves. You can hear what McConaughey told the team, or you can read the transcript from the edits of his speech to the team below:

"Work ethic will eliminate fear..."

"So don't try and say you're not nervous if you are. Use those nerves. You ought to have some butterflies." 

"So don't come out of Sunday night saying 'I wish I woulda-coulda,' 'If I was only a little quicker, man. I was [sic] kinda, kinda scared. Uh-uh."

"The worst thing you can do is to have one hesitation and not be ready mentally for Sunday night that you will regret for the rest of your life."

Basically, McConaughey's quip about butterflies to the Texas football squad is similar to what Anthony Robbins told DJ Khaled about his fear of flying in airplanes: make those butterflies your bitch. These type of memorable pre-game speeches will make anyone teary-eyed and grit their teeth with excitement to want to run out of the team's tunnel to kick ass on the gridiron like Remember The Titans, Any Given Sunday, or whatever favorite football movie of yours that comes in mind.

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