Shaq’s recent appearance on Running Wild with Bear Grylls was pretty great, but when we heard Marshawn Lynch was going to spend a day running around the Corsica Mountains in France with Bear Grylls, we knew we were in for a treat. And Beast Mode did not disappoint.

In the episode featuring Lynch—which aired on Monday night and was way more entertaining than both Monday Night Football games put together—the former Seahawks running back was forced to do a little bit of everything.



Use a makeshift spear to hunt a hog? Check. Carry said hog up the side of a cliff? Check. Cut off one of his dreads to help start a fire? Check. Sneak into Bear’s backpack to sneak a handful of Skittles in the middle of the night? Check. Climb up the side of a mountain and come thisclose to slipping off of it? Check. Beast Mode didn’t just step outside of his comfort zone on Running Wild, he ran through that motherf*cker’s face as he's known to do:

Outside of surviving in the wild, Lynch also dropped a handful of memorable quotes throughout his journey. In fact, just about everything that he said was entertaining. Here are just a few of the thoughts Lynch had while working his way through the wilderness with Bear Grylls, who was more than happy to egg Lynch on by encouraging him to push himself further:

When Grylls told Lynch they were going to kill a hog: "We finna go run up on a hog right now. We done made me a spear right quick. You know, a little Macgyver little quick thang right quick."

When Grylls made Lynch drag a dead hog up the side of a cliff: "If he have me dangling off another cliff, I’m gonna put paws on him. I’m gonna put these hands on him. I don’t know how I’m going to do it yet, because I know he be fighting stuff out here in the wild. So I gotta make sure my attack is planned right and well."

When Grylls asked Lynch what he thinks the biggest highlight of his NFL career is: "Being able to retire, and then being able to do this with you after retiring. Most people don’t get to walk out or go out the way that I did. That’s probably the biggest highlight."

When Grylls told Lynch he was going to make a "tent" out of tree branches: "Oh, hold on: You got no blow-up tent? Boy, oh, boy…I think the theme of this show should be, not Running Wild. It should be Bear Be Trippin'."

When Grylls used one of Lynch’s dreads to start a fire: "Bruh cut off one of my dreads to start a campfire and was juiced about it like, 'Oh my God, this is the best thing since sliced bread!'...My hair lady gonna kill me."

When Grylls had Lynch cut down a small tree with a historic machete: "I got to use this 200-year-old Corsican machete. At first, I was a little skeptical of it. I was like, 'Damn, this thing hella rusty though.' But that thing cut like a Ginsu! I felt like I was a samurai warrior or something with a sword."

When Grylls asked Lynch what he plans to do now that he’s retired: "Now it’s just a journey of life to see what it has to offer to me. I like to look at it in four quarters. My first quarter would have been getting my mind right as a youngster. The second quarter would have been Pop Warner, high school, and college. Going to the league was my third quarter. I’m going into the fourth quarter of my life, which is going to be the reality of, you know, what I really am and who I really am. And usually when you get to the fourth quarter, it’s usually a long one."

When Grylls pushed Lynch to climb up a mountain: "I don’t think humans are meant to be up this high without an airplane or a helicopter. You’re not supposed to be up this high with a rope."

Lynch did his fair share of complaining throughout the show, but in the end, he survived and revealed that he’s glad he took Grylls up on his offer to explore the Corsica Mountains. "Bear, I appreciate you," Lynch said as the show ended. "You put me on game with some stuff. You gave me some ism about being out here in the wild. Would I do it again? Probably not. But I would encourage you, if you haven’t done anything like this, do shit you ain’t never done before. That’s what Beast Mode is all about right there."

Watch Lynch's entire Running Wild episode in the video above.