James Harden filled up the stat sheet in his Drew League game on Sunday, dropping 42 points, grabbing six boards, dishing out four assists, swiping three steals, and dealing with one fed up courtside fan. Widely known as a flop artist, Harden may have taken his dive game to the Drew, which understandably upset a guy who started heckling him while breaking out some amazing one-liners. 

"You flopping, bro, you Vlade Divac-ing out here, bro," the fan told Harden. "Vlade Divac-ing" is a reference to the former 16-year NBA center Vlade Divac who was a world class flopper in his own time. Even after the Houston Rockets star guard tried giving his side of the story in a surprisingly calm manner, the guy wasn't buying any of it. “Be honest, man, we’re boy scouts," the fan told Harden. The fan's comeback was incredible and the only thing missing from the exchange was the now infamous Harden eye roll.

Given how vocal and honest the fan was towards Harden, one can't help but wonder if he knew the four-time All-Star on a personal level. Or, maybe, James has to deal with fans like this one on a daily basis. 

Aside from his interaction with that disgruntled fan, Harden was also given a technical foul late in the fourth quarter when he "pushed" a player on the opposing team after throwing down a putback dunk. 

Maybe this confrontation will finally put an end to Harden's flopping ways. Man, who are we kidding!? 

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