Adrien Broner was released from jail last week after spending 30 days behind bars for making a judge mad by showing up drunk or hungover to a court hearing in July. During his stay, Broner asked the judge if he could be released from the slammer early so that he could start training for an upcoming fight, and the judge said no. But now that he’s a free man, it sounds like Broner might not actually be that interested in boxing after all.

Something seems to have Broner upset at the moment. On Tuesday, he put this post up on his Instagram account without providing much of an explanation:

And on Wednesday, he followed that up by putting together a since-deleted IG post that indicated he’s finished with boxing:

Broner didn’t provide a reason for why he’s done with the sport—Ravone Littlejohn, who runs Broner's company About Billions, told USA Today Sports that Broner was probably just joking—and it’s still really unclear why he’s seemingly so upset with life in general in the first place. But Broner is known for posting wild stuff on IG to get attention, so this is probably just another case of that. Regardless, we highly doubt that he’s actually retiring from boxing, and after what we all went through with Conor McGregor’s "retirement" back in April, we’ll hold off on making any assumptions based on Broner’s latest IG post.