Scandal: Alleged assault
Status: WWE Alumnus

The locker room is unanimous on this point: Haku is one dangerous, crazy dude. He’s a man whose actual exploits live up to his legend. For years, rumors circulated that Haku had bitten off a man’s nose in a bar fight. When asked about this incident in a shoot interview, Haku confirmed its truthfulness. He and the man were at the Baltimore airport in a hotel bar, and a man had the unfortunate impulse to tell Haku, to his face, that wrestling was fake. Haku, in his own words:

“And I reached over without thinking—there are four other guys there—grabbed his face, and bit his nose off. Then the fight started. Me and Siva kind of cleaned house there and left. I'll never forget it.”

Let’s do a comparison. If you have an out of date prescription for painkillers in today’s WWE, you get a 30-day suspension. But if you bit off a civilian’s nose off back in the day, you were a living legend. Consistency!