On Wednesday night, Kobe Bryant hung out with Snoop Dogg. We know this because he posted the photo that you see above on Instagram. He also posted a photo on Twitter to reveal that Snoop had given him a custom Lakers-themed convertible as a retirement gift:

Early Thursday morning, Snoop confirmed that he did, in fact, give Kobe the car by posting a photo of his own on Instagram that showed off the intricate painting that was done on the hood of the car before Snoop gave it to Kobe:

Additionally, Snoop posted several Snapchat videos that featured him driving the car to Kobe. Those videos also showcased Kobe’s reaction to receiving the gift from Snoop. You can watch Snoop give him the car at the beginning of this clip:

So yes, Kobe and Snoop hung out. But contrary to what the internet might tell you, they did not get high together! (we know, shocker...)

A short time after the photo of Kobe and Snoop at the top of this post hit the 'net, someone took it and altered it juuuuust slightly to make it look like Snoop had done more than just give Kobe a car:

And of course, Twitter took the photo and ran with it. For whatever reason, there were quite a few people who actually believed the image-conscious Kobe would take a photo with Snoop with extremely bloodshot eyes:

Not to worry, though, Kobe stans. Your fearless leader did not get high with Snoop. TMZ Sports reached out to Kobe’s rep, who explained the situation in about five seconds.

“The picture is not real,” the rep said. “He wasn’t smoking.”

So that’s that. Nice try, internet! But...no.

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