Former Philadelphia 76ers GM/President of Basketball Operations Sam Hinkie may be gone (remember that 7,000 word resignation letter he penned?) but he's not been forgotten—that much was clear Saturday afternoon when Joel Embiid shouted-out the ex-Philly front officer while also acknowledging how he "died for our sins" by writing it the same way it was written in the Bible more than 2,000 years ago: with an Instagram hashtag.


THE GOAT #HeDiedForOurSins #TrustTheProcess

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Embiid's social media post is almost certainly a reference to this sign some anonymous fan held up after Hinkie stepped down last season:

As you probably remember Embiid was picked by Hinkie out of Kansas with the third overall selection in the 2014 Draft, famously looking less than enthused when he heard his name called. Thus far in his technically two-year career, he's yet to play an NBA game, in part thanks to a broken bone in his right foot that just won't heal right. To this point his career can probably serve as the best living example of Hinkie's "Trust the process" philosophy that you may or may not have tuned out long ago. Still, perhaps after snagging LSU's Ben Simmons with the first overall pick, more Sixers fans will come around to Hinkie's motto, not that it'll really help him much at this point.

As for Embiid, if this other IG video posted over the weekend is any indication—he'll be ready to post up dudes roughly half his size just in time for the start of the 2016-17 season:


Working on rips into quick spins with the brodie @joelembiid! #100skills100days #unseenhours @adidashoops

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