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In a stunning turn of events, Sam Hinkie has reportedly stepped down as the Philadelphia 76ers' general manager and president of basketball operations, according to ESPN's Marc Stein. This news comes less than a week after Hinkie appeared on The Lowe Post podcast to discuss his moves since joining the organization in 2013. 

Prior to Tuesday's 107-93 win over the New Orleans Pelicans, Hinkie expressed concern about the 76ers' 9-68 record, claiming he lost 20 pounds in a three-month span. “I lost twenty pounds in November to January," he said. "This is serious for our fans, for our staff, for our players.”

In addition to speaking about the team's poor record, Hinkie seemed optimistic about the 76ers' future with the possibility of two top-five picks in this year's draft and an offseason approach that he claimed "will feel different." One day later, Hinkie wrote a letter to the Sixers' ownership group, saying he didn't "have the confidence that I can make good decisions on behalf of investors."


"There has been much criticism of our approach. There will be more. A competitive league like the NBA necessitates a zig while our competitors comfortably zag. We often chose not to defend ourselves against much of the criticism, largely in an effort to stay true to the ideal of having the longest view in the room.

".. Given all the changes to our organization, I no longer have the confidence that I can make good decisions on behalf of investors in the Sixers -- you. So I should step down. And I have."

Stein is reporting that Hinkie's decision to step down may have been the result of the 76ers' "advanced negotiations" to bring Bryan Colangelo to the front office. 

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