It’s no secret that Delonte West has had a rough time since being waived by the Mavericks right before the start of the 2012-13 season. At no point has this been more evident than in recent months when he has been spotted looking destitute in Houston, acting erratically at a kid's basketball game, and asking people for change at an intersection in Maryland.

But apparently, the 32-year-old guard is going to attempt to make an NBA comeback despite all of these strange occurrences. At least, that's what his mother Delphina Addison told TMZ Sports on Wednesday. "He is working toward coming back to the NBA," she said. "He has been working out and that’s where he's at as of now. He is a heck of a player...and he said, 'It's showtime!' He's ready to come back."

While speaking with TMZ Sports, Addison also addressed the recent photo of her son panhandling on a Maryland street. She echoed the statement West made after the photo went viral, which featured him saying he was simply helping out a paralyzed homeless man by collecting change for him. "People did see him holding a sign but what they don’t know was there was a homeless guy standing out across from my place," she said, "and Delonte saw him and wanted to help him out. Delonte is not homeless. He's living with his wife and kids."

Addison also told TMZ Sports that West did have some mental health issues, but she said that he's taking medication for them again.

The idea of West making an NBA comeback almost four years after he last played professionally seems like a longshot. But at this point, it's just good to see him making headlines for the right reasons.

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