The Cowboys team staff were on a bus Sunday afternoon while en route to a team meet-and-greet in Las Vegas, and then they were scheduled to collectively go to a preseason training facility. The sunny afternoon travel from the franchise's home base of Arlington, TX to Las Vegas, Nev. became a deadly road trip for the team.

According to Cowboys columnist Mickey Spagnola, a van collided with the Cowboys team bus on Interstate-93, just north of Kingman, Ariz. Four passengers in the van have been pronounced dead at the scene of the crash.

Dallas Cowboys spokesperson Rich Dalrymple reported to KXNV-TV that the passengers the Cowboys bus are reportedly safe and unharmed. Dalrymple also confirmed to ABC 15 that no players were on board.

Spagnola reported to KSNV that the Cowboys team bus included the team's mascot, bus driver, and himself on board. The scene of the accident is in the clip below, approximately 103 miles southwest of Las Vegas.

The driver of the Cowboys team bus reportedly stated that he did everything within his power to keep the bus from rolling over after the crash, Las Vegas' KLAS-TV reports. The Arizona state troopers had to take up the gruesome task of removing the bodies from the van.

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