Usher was sitting courtside at the Quicken Loans Arena Friday night, which is to say he got a really good view of the Golden State Warriors' 108-97 Game 4 victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers. The singer is actually a minority owner of the Cavs.

After the game, Usher tried to give LeBron James some comfort via a post-loss handshake. You may also remember Usher once volunteered to recruit James to get him to come back to Cleveland when he was mulling where to go during the free agency period in 2014. However, last night, he simply got brushed off like he was you/me/some other nobody.

We should note that it's probable that James was still super pissed off about Draymond Green allegedly calling him a "bitch," but still, the optics were cold:

Apparently not content with that the lack of acknowledgement, Usher went and found a guy who was in a way more celebratory mood:

Scratch that, make that two guys in way more of a celebratory mood:

We're not sure what type of history Usher has with the pair of Warriors. But, regardless, we're guessing Drake is somewhere wondering where the hell social media was on this one.