If you don’t follow Magic Johnson on Twitter, you may not know that the team who scores the most points in basketball wins the game.

Johnson has become notorious for tweeting the most obvious sports related observations that a fourth grader could recite, chiming in on everything from his Dodgers to his alma mater Michigan State to the Lakers.

But Johnson's tweets have garnered plenty of attention this NBA Finals for being insultingly bland and incredibly cliche. Forget the Magic nickname, if Johnson keeps this up we're going to have to start calling him Captain Obvious. 

After another incredible performance by LeBron James that forced Game 7, Magic alerted his 3.07 million followers that the King is not half bad at basketball.



Thanks for your enlightening us all about LeBron’s stat line when millions and millions of people watched it. It’s like he’s running ESPN’s Stats and Info account.

You would think one of the greatest players in the sport’s history, and one who used to work as an ESPN analyst, would give a little more insight than this after Game 6:

Is he right? Yes. But Magic, we want to learn from you! Magic makes it seem like anyone can go out there and do what Jeff Van Gundy and Mark Jackson have been doing all series long.

He did the same thing after Game 5, where LeBron had his first of back-to-back 41-point games, as well as Kyrie Irving dropping the same.

Wow, Magic, I thought that they were average. Thank you for telling us they were special.

He even bragged about his oh so high basketball IQ after Game 4, when he said what every basketball fan ever was saying simultaneously.

And how about more breaking news from Earvin "Magic" Johnson? You are not going to believe THIS about the 73-9 Golden State Warriors.


And more from Captain Obvious. 

The good thing going for Magic is that with these tweets, he is never wrong. Kind of like this guy.