Kentucky is notorious for producing one-and-done NBA talents and Jamal Murray is about to become the newest member of a freshman-to-NBA group that includes John Wall, Anthony Davis, and Karl-Anthony Towns—all of whom were the first overall pick in their respective drafts.

Murray probably isn’t going to be selected first overall in Thursday’s 2016 NBA Draft, but he has the kind of talent that could make him a potential All-Star in the years to come. The 19-year old from Canada dropped 20 points per game for the Wildcats last year and, despite being just 6’4”, has a feel for just about every position on the floor which is why coach John Calipari deemed him a “positionless player.”

That’s what we know about Murray on the court but did you know his father played basketball against Lennox Lewis? Or that he used to play goalie north of the border because, well, Canada? Before Murray hears his name called, here are 14 Things You Didn’t Know About Jamal Murray