Steph Curry still isn’t suiting up for the Warriors due to a knee injury he suffered during the first round of the 2016 NBA Playoffs. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t supporting his teammates like crazy. He cheered them on from the bench during their victory over the Trail Blazers last night—the win gave them a 2-0 lead over Portland in the series—and a few hours after the game ended, Curry also jumped on Twitter to give his teammates a shout-out in a tweet.

That was actually the second tweet he sent out, though. The first one—which has since been deleted and, unfortunately, wasn’t screengrabbed by anyone since it was sent out at approximately 5 a.m. Wednesday—included a shout-out to Curry’s teammate Brandon Rush. But rather than using Rush’s Twitter handle, @BRush_25, Curry included Rush’s Instagram handle, @brush_4, which was apparently set up as a spam account used to push out NSFW links on Twitter.

That Twitter account is no longer active, but Warriors fan @laurirose realized the mistake Curry made immediately and sent a tweet to him. She also CC’ed Curry’s wife Ayesha and Draymond Green’s mom Mary Babers-Green in the tweet:

Others realized it, too:

stEPH got brush's twitter wrong smh

— m (@mleeee1011) May 4, 2016

@StephenCurry30 Steph you pick the wrong user bro lol change B rush, and delete this lol

— Marv (@Kiing__Marv) May 4, 2016

Curry must have received the message from @laurirose or been told about it—Babers-Green retweeted it on her account—because he deleted the original tweet he sent out and replaced it with the one above. It doesn’t appear as though he thanked @laurirose for the heads up, but she sent him another tweet and said, “You’re welcome”:

She also let everyone know that the @brush_4 account had been suspended:

Obviously, this was all one big misunderstanding, and it looks like Rush did use the @brush_4 account once upon a time, which would explain why Curry used it to tag him in his tweet:

This incident just goes to show no one is safe from these kinds of social media fails.