Former Essendon Captain and Brownlow medallist Jobe Watson’s trajectory back to the big game after the club's supplements scandal may be in doubt – because Watson has decided he wants to be a barista in New York, Herald Sun reports.

The former skipper’s father Tim Watson explained to SEN that his son, who is currently serving a drugs suspension, did “a bit of a coffee-type course before he left”, but couldn’t confirm whether he actually has a barista job in NYC.

“He did (start making them at home). He started to learn at home and then he had an interest in it so he thought he’d do a bit more with it at a place around the corner, so he started to go there and learn the art and craft of being a barista. And it’s a very fine art and craft that you need to learn, too,” Watson said, presumably looking off into the distance and sighing as "The Sound Of Silence" played in his head.

Current Bombers captain Brendon Goddard was aware of Watson’s new venture, but added a few more specifics about the bizarre career change.

“(He’s working) for free, too, I think. That’s his intention so he’s got to get over there and get a working visa but he’s gone over there with the intention to make coffees,” Goddard told The Footy Show.

So he's working for nothing as well – a plan that might prove slightly difficult in the notoriously expensive Big Apple. While the club is quite confident Watson will return next year, teammate Adam Cooney suggested that he's still pretty deep in. 

“Yes, he will but he’s in New York at the moment making coffees so he might stay for that latte lifestyle,” he said in discussion with radio station Nova100.

While latte lifestyle sounds like a ready-made hashtag to track Watson's new journey, let's hope the team can get him back on the field in 2017. For now, all we can do is wait for the photoshopped memes to pour in, featuring Watson's greatest moments in the game with all traces of a footy replaced by a steaming cup of java. What a time.