Both a cop working as a security guard, as well as an usher, will be combing through the job listings on Monster, after they were both canned following an incident of a kid running on the court to hug Carmelo Anthony at the New Orleans Pelicans' home stadium. Instead of manning their positions and tackling/eliminating the threat, they were found to be "not in place" as the pint-sized intruder made his way to the playing area. The general manager of the arena also said that they hired two additional law enforcement officers in case any future 10-year-olds have the balls to try to get on the floor to hug their favorite star.


Also, to drive home the point, all the ushers who weren't fired had to watch the 1993 video of Monica Seles getting stabbed in the back by a deranged fan.

It may sound a little extreme, but these ushers knew exactly what they were getting into when they applied for their part-time jobs at the Smoothie King Center.

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