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Terron Beckham didn’t play college football, but scouts will look his way because of his last name. They’ll keep looking because of his immense athletic abilities. But will anyone give him a shot?

Yes, the cousin of New York Giants all-pro receiver Odell Beckham Jr. is making a run at the NFL against all odds. He hasn’t played football in five years, when he was a high school running back, but a cursory glance through his Instagram feed is all you need to determine that Terron an elite athlete.

Terron held a pro day in New Jersey Thursday, and five NFL teams (the Giants, Jets, Raiders, 49ers, and Colts) were in attendance, according to Bleacher Report. They watched him put up 36 reps (36 reps!!!) on the 225-pound bench press.


Terron Beckham bench... Oh my lord #Jets here to watch 36 reps at 225lbs

— Connor Hughes (@Connor_J_Hughes) April 7, 2016


He also has a 44-inch vertical leap. Terron gave up football in college to get a job in order to pay for his tuition. These days, he’s a fitness trainer and model.​ 

Terron and Odell are actually not very close, but Terron is hoping that will change.

"When my story first came out, I understood he's my cousin so that became the story, but I actually have a close relationship with his father,” Terron said. "In time, I'm hopeful our relationship will build and this is a growing point. When the story first came out, I was really worried. I didn't want anyone to think I used his name to get ahead. In reality, I got here because of me. It's not based on my cousin's name. It's based on my hard work."

His football abilities could be questioned, but his power, quickness, and explosiveness could not.

Though competition to make the NFL is no joke, maybe he’ll at least get a training camp invitation. Don't front: it'd be fun to watch him in the preseason.

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