During the 2015 NBA Draft in Brooklyn last year, Elite Daily writer Connor Toole tricked a whole bunch of people when he stood outside of the Barclays Center and pretended to be an NBA draft pick. The 6-foot-10 writer wore a Jazz hat and agreed to take photos with anyone who asked him for one. As a result, he racked up almost five million views on YouTube after he posted a video about the experience.

Toole also just became the subject of a new movie that’s being produced by LeBron James’ company. According to Deadline, New Line Cinema and SpringHill Entertainment have acquired the rights to his clip, and they plan on turning it into a comedy based on what Toole did. Toole responded to the news by posting this on Twitter:

We’ve checked the calendar like 17 times since we started writing this post, and it doesn’t say April 1 on it so we’re pretty sure that this is really happening. But we’ll be sure to provide you with more details once they become available.

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