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Face-swapping on Snapchat is the ultimate bond that shows the spunk between besties, BFFs, baes, and all other things equal to a close-knit friendship or romantic relationship. There's just something fun about retracing you and your best friend's forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks, and mouths over each other's faces that makes you giggle, or feel disgusted depending on the final result.

The Oklahoma City Thunder's one-two punch Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are besties, so it's only right that see what a face-swap between them ends up looking like.

Westbrook took to his Snapchat handle russwest44 on Saturday to do just that, and here is the final product:

Hahaha, not bad right? They could pass as brothers, or at least cousins since they aren't too far different looking from their original faces. But that's just me.

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[Via BlackSportsOnline]