Welp. So this took an odd turn. After TMZ Sports posted the interview that they did with Gilbert Arenas in which he said that he's in charge of Nick Young's bachelor party, Young tweeted and deleted this:

Image via TMZ Sports
Image via TMZ Sports

And after Arenas got wind of Young's tweets, he fired back with a post on Instagram that is just...oh no. He didn't go there, did he?


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After everything that transpired last week, are Nick Young and Iggy Azalea still going to get married? That’s the question that everyone is asking now that some of the controversy surrounding the D’Angelo Russell/Nick Young situation is starting to die down. Iggy was spotted at the iHeartRadio Music Awards over the weekend wearing her engagement ring, but it’s still unclear whether or not she plans on marrying Young after he got caught admitting to cheating on her in Russell’s leaked video.

Gilbert Arenas, who is good friends with Young, doesn’t seem too concerned about the happy couple. Arenas—fresh off providing his own take on the Russell/Young situation last week—did a brief interview with TMZ Sports yesterday and said, “Of course,” when he was asked if he thinks Young and Azalea are going to get married. He also said that he’s playing a very important role in the nuptials.

“I’m throwing the bachelor party!” he said, before cracking up. “Vegas or my house!”

Welp. A bachelor party thrown by Gilbert Arenas? Good luck getting the green light on that, Swaggy!

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[via TMZ Sports]