When the D’Angelo Russell/Nick Young story broke earlier this week, one of my first thoughts was, “OMG, can you imagine what Gilbert Arenas is going to have to say about this on Instagram?!” Some of Arenas’ Instagram posts over the course of the last six months have been awful (see here and here). But he had a pretty funny take on the Matt Barnes/Derek Fisher fight (he claimed he was actually there when the fight went down—and that he was ready to bail Barnes out of jail), and he’s friends with Young. So surely he was going to have something to say about the D’Angelo/Swaggy P situation at some point, right?

It took him a couple days, but last night, he delivered his reaction to it with an Instagram post that takes aim at both Russell and Fisher. In his IG post, he set up a 2-on-2 death match featuring Russell and Fisher versus Young and Barnes and, well, check it out for yourself:

Arenas has gotten into the habit of deleting most of his IG posts in the past, so here’s the caption he included with it just in case he takes this one down:

gilbertarenasrealrealitytv We have a Barn burner LADIES and Gents..This ALL light skinned 2 on 2 death match will be coming this summer..introducing first,from team #SnitchandSteal..#d'angelo loose lips recorder #Russell..known around the nba as the sneakest nigga with a camera phone BUT does come second in #LA history behind the b.tch who recorded #donaldsterling hahaha Russells teammate will be #Derek imma f.ck my teammates girl #Fisher..known in the lakers family room as #DADOG just ran around with that little pink thing hanging out his pants #thirstyDog..ALSO known in the streets as the first nigga in fighting history to have (7 friends)and 1body guard WATCH,while he got his ass whooped #teamNOhelp soon as his back hit that ground that body guard should have been FIRED lmaoo did anyone even PINCH @matt_barnes9 ? Now their opponents,first up from team #WaitTilIseeUNigga..#Nick @swaggyp1 #Young known in LA as #usher #MRConfessions..this dummy told on himself like he was on an episode of #thefirst48..nick laying on the bed all calm and relaxed like #russell gave his as a #soda,#ciggerettes and a #ultimatefeast coupon for #redlobster for his confession #SHUTDAFUCKUPPPP hahaha Nick just came out and said"its best me and russell handle this situation we have in private #NOGGAwhat? Wasnt the LAST conversation yall had in private?? You might wanna treat him like a (#CI confidential informant) take his ass under water to bikinibottom lmaooo get two tickets to #splashmountain before talking that nigha hahaha and nicks teammate will be #MATT imma kill yo ass derek #Barnes..known in LA as quick tempered,with a heavy foot on that gas pedal to go whoop a nigha ass REAL QUICK hahaha #Matt will be the first NBA player to have a restraining order put on him By an ex-teammate lol derrick he coming for you bra,EVEN at a kids PICNIC,EVEN in the shower.. YOU better watch yo back....LAKER fans I have #2000( in memories of)shirts ,going on sell this summer GET THEM WHILE THEY HOT..it's a collectibles item if u can get #russell or #fish to it sign before they DIE haha

Wow. No one loves NBA drama more than Agent Zero!

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