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Bomani Jones has spent his morning co-hosting ESPN’s Mike & Mike in place of Mike Golic, and he has been trending on Twitter as a result of it. But it’s not because of anything that Jones—the host of ESPN’s The Right Time—actually said during the show. Instead, it’s because of the T-shirt that he chose to wear during his Mike & Mike appearance. Here it is:

The shirt—which, according to a Hardball Talk story, was created by a company called Shelf Life Clothing almost a decade ago and is a hot seller on Canadian Indian reservations—is designed to look like a Cleveland Indians shirt...except that it features the word “Caucasians” in place of the word “Indians” and a caricature of a white person in place of the Indians’ mascot Chief Wahoo. It also has a dollar sign in place of Chief Wahoo’s feather.

While speaking with First Take host Molly Qerim about the shirt on Mike & Mike, Jones joked that he decided to wear the shirt because “it was clean.” But obviously, he did it for a bigger reason than just that. Jones has been vocal about the Indians’ continued use of Chief Wahoo on his show, and on Mike & Mike, he said that there’s “no defense” for the Indians using Chief Wahoo as a mascot on their official merchandise at this point.

Obviously, all of this got a big reaction on Twitter. Some people called Jones out for wearing the shirt:

Others supported his decision to wear the shirt (and we should point out that, at first glance, there were way more people who loved the shirt than hated it):

And at one point, Jones himself even took to Twitter to respond to the controversy his shirt caused. When someone directed this tweet to him:

He shot back with this to soldify his point:

But the overwhelming response to Jones wearing the shirt has actually been “Where can I get that shirt?!”

If you can still get one (there are a lot of people looking for it right now!), you can buy it here. You should also go and check out the feature we ran on Bomani a few months back here while you wait for your shirt to arrive.

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