Nobody who steps on a basketball court is exempt from being hit with an ill crossover move, and embarrassed once they get left behind with a layup or jumper splashed in their eye. That even includes The G.O.A.T., Michael Jordan, during that one instance where he basically did the Electric Slide while trying to guard Allen Iverson's ankle-breaking crossover.

The same goes for LeBron James, arguably the best player of this generation (Calm down, Steph Curry fans) tonight against Celtics point guard Avery Bradley. The Cavaliers played the Celtics at home on Saturday night, and the Cavs won the game 120-103. but during the first half of the game, King James was made to look like a mere court jester dancing around on defense as Bradley dribbled left, switched the ball to his right hand, and then suddenly jab-stepped quickly with a crossover back to his left hand. Avery even had a little bit of time to gather himself to release the jumper— SWISH!

Peep some of the reactions from those who saw it go down:

Like I said before, you can practice all the foot-fire defensive stance drills you want to prevent this in the future. But getting crossed happens even to the best of us.

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