ESPN's NFL insider Adam Schefter was on Mike & Mike this morning and dropped a head-scratcher. According to his sources, Peyton Manning wants to keep playing in the NFL, even though earlier reports suggested the future Hall of Famer was leaning towards retirement. Here's what Schefter had to say:

“Here’s my understanding—I think he’d like to keep playing. In a perfect world, he’d like to keep playing. The question is, who’s going to give him an opportunity? And it’s tough to identify that team right now, that’s willing to sign him to the deal that makes it worthwhile for him, that allows him to continue playing.”

Far be it for us to tell a grown man what to do, but Peyton is obviously washed. He can no longer throw a ball more than 30 yards and has no feeling in his fingertips. Hang it up, and go be a family man. Or at the very least, go get a gig on one of those pregame shows where they can't stop referring to the NFL as "The National Football League."

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