Earlier today, we published a piece that former adult film star Lisa Ann wrote for us. It's called “Lisa Ann Presents: 5 Ways NBA Players Can Avoid Being Hustled,” but we probably should have called it, “Lisa Ann Presents: Being an NBA Player Is the Worst Thing in the World,” because some of the stuff she talks about in her piece makes “NBA player” sound like an absolutely terrible career.

Lisa Ann has spent a lot of time around NBA players, and she has mentored quite a few of them. And one of the things she’s noticed is that there are a ridiculous amount of players who have been blackmailed in a variety of ways. She claims that there are some women who are having players pay their rent and all of their bills simply because they have some dirt on them. In fact, she guesses that about 25 percent of NBA players have been blackmailed, which, if true, is just insane. Hell, if even 5 or 10 percent of NBA players are blackmail victims, it’s insane.

Seriously, this paragraph in particular is just scary/nuts/crazy/whatever adjective you decide to use to describe it:

Most stories of NBA players getting hustled do not shock me since I’ve probably heard the worst from girls talking on porn sets about the things they do to players. I’ve heard girls say they make sure he is married or in a relationship before going back to his hotel with him. Once there they wait for their moment alone with his wallet and take photos of all of his credit cards and his ID. The final part of the plan is blackmail. You would be shocked how many NBA players have had been blackmailed in an effort to keep their privacy. My guess is a minimum of 25 percent of NBA players have dealt with blackmail at some point in their career. I’ve heard girls brag about long-term hustles where they have a player paying their rent and expenses just to keep them quiet and out of their family life. 

You can check out the rest of Lisa Ann’s story here. It’ll actually make you kind of glad that you’re not an NBA player trying to juggle million-dollar checks and everything that comes along with it.

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