Earlier this month, Lisa Ann provided all of the NBA players out there with a list of the 5 ways they can avoid being hustled. If you missed it, check it out here, because she provided some really invaluable advice in her piece.

Lisa Ann just did an interview with SLAM, and in it, she provided NBA players with some more advice, too. Unfortunately, we get the feeling that none of them are going to listen to it because it would ultimately result in their lives going from really fun to really, well, not. But according to her, she doesn’t think NBA players should spend a lot of time partying in the club. Instead, she said that she encourages the players she communicates with regularly to spend more time—you ready for this?—learning new languages!

“What I’m trying to tell players is every season they should learn a new language and be able to go to that country and speak that language,” she told SLAM. “After eight years in the league, you would know so many different languages and cultures so when you retire you can do anything you want. But it’s hard to tell a 22-year-old he can’t go out.”

Uh, ya think?

Lisa Ann—who mentioned that she currently talks to at least one player from all 30 NBA teams now—also spoke about why players don’t use team security when they go out and touched on her relationship with the Warriors player that she used to cook dinner for. You can check out her interview with SLAM here.

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