Late last week, the Kings suspended DeMarcus Cousins for a game against the Magic after he yelled at his head coach George Karl during a game against the Cavaliers. The Kings went on to lose to Orlando 107-100.

Last night, Cousins returned to the Sacramento lineup against the Jazz, but his presence didn’t help. The Kings lost to the Jazz 108-99 in a performance that was actually much worse than the final score would indicate. And after the game ended, Cousins was clearly frustrated. As you can see in the clip above, he was in no mood to speak with reporters, and towards the end of his interview, he went as far as to point out that it was Karl, not the Kings, who made the decision to suspend him for a game last week:

He also mentioned that the suspension wasn’t an eye-opening experience for him. You can hear what he had to say about the Kings in the video above. Only 17 more games left in the regular season, Boogie…

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[via Eye on Basketball]