Last night Wisconsin eliminated Xavier in a way that was truly miserable for Xavier fans and great for everybody else. Here's a clip in case you missed it:

For about three seconds TNT's camera stayed trained on Wisconsin's bench going bananas, then they quickly cut to a dejected fan, then a much more famous fan (above) looking more stunned than he did that time Roy Munson picked up a 6-7-10 split:

At first it may seem like a truly confusing cutaway, but perhaps you (like me) just need some background. As it turns out one of Murray's sons, Luke, is actually a first-year assistant coach for the Musketeers and...well that alone should explain it.

Murray's reaction stands in stark contrast to former Badger Frank Kaminsky's.

Also a bunch of people brought up his Space Jam co-star, again:

[via @cjzero/TNT/Twitter]

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