Last year, Snoop Dogg told the world that he was going to “throw out my USC drawers” after his son Cordell Broadus decided to attend UCLA. Snoop had been a USC fan for forever, but you know, family first and all that. Since then, though, Snoop’s son has quit playing football, so Snoop is back on the USC bandwagon. And earlier this afternoon, he helped five-star recruit Jack Jones make a commitment to play for the Trojans by putting together the video you see above.

Now, before you ask, “Why?” you should know that Jones played high school football at Long Beach Poly in California. He also participated in the Snoop Youth Football League when he was younger, so this actually made a lot of sense (unlike Ric Flair and Migos randomly showing up at Michigan earlier today). Check out the clip to see the cornerback announce his intentions to play at USC.

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[via Lindsey Thiry]