If you haven’t noticed by now, Marshawn Lynch doesn’t like to speak to members of the media. At all. He also doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who likes to open up to anyone outside of his immediate circle. Yes, he did an interview with us last year and talked extensively about his love for sneakers, but getting Beast Mode to open up in any kind of public setting is a tough task.

That is, unless you’re Conan O’Brien. Prior to last year’s Super Bowl, Conan invited Lynch and Rob Gronkowski to take part in one of his “Clueless Gamer” segments, and it was one of the best things to come out of Super Bowl XLIX. About ten months later, Conan invited Lynch to make another appearance on his show to preview Call of Duty: Black Ops III (he appears in the game), and once again, Lynch stole the show (and cursed up a storm in the process!). And last night, Lynch made yet appearance on Conan, this time to play Doom.

The segment actually started out with Conan playing Doom with Von Miller and Josh Norman since, you know, they’re actually in the Super Bowl this year. But halfway through it, Lynch showed up and started dropping hilarious one-liners about everything from Conan’s street cred to the wine that Conan served to the NFL players (“This tastes like Kool-Aid,” he said after sipping it).

Check out the action in the clip above. We said this after his second appearance on the show, but if Conan doesn’t make Lynch a regular guest on Conan once Beast Mode retires, he’s making a big mistake.

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[via Team Coco]