The NBA trade deadline is eight days away, and Markieff Morris may have stamped his ticket out of Phoenix after what went down tonight. In the middle of Wednesday's game against the Golden State Warriors, Morris can be seen getting into the face of Archie Goodwin as he sat on the Suns' bench. As things started to escalate, the rest of the Suns players tried stepping in, but that's when Markieff snapped, shoving Goodwin. 

After both players were separated, Goodwin can be seen saying...

But is Markieff the only one responsible for this skirmish?

Per FanSided's Michael Dunlap

Markieff was trying to console/encourage Archie, who started the game about as bad as he possibly could. Archie dismissed him. Markieff continued trying to coach up Goodwin, but [Goodwin] wasn't hearing it and instead swiped [Morris] away (saw in video). [Morris] then went nuclear. Coming out of that timeout, Archie was screaming and cussing at P.J. Tucker as well.

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[via Bleacher Report]