Sooooooo…is this going to become a thing now that Lance Stephenson is playing for the Grizzlies?

Stephenson has made his fair share of blunders on the court over the last two seasons. Ever since he left the Pacers in free agency in the summer of 2014, he has looked like a completely different player at times (and not in a good way). But now that he has landed with Memphis, he’s definitely taken it down a notch it's come to his playmaking abilities. During his first game with the team on Sunday, he did this:

And during a really strange sequence against the Lakers last night, Stephenson dribbled down the court, didn’t pass, fumbled the ball, still didn’t pass, lost the ball again, still didn’t pass, fell to the ground, and then threw up a wild layup attempt—all while Matt Barnes stood in the corner with his hand up like, “Dude, you do know you can pass, right?!?!?” Watch it here:

WTF? Maybe it’ll look better from a different angle:

Nope. Still not sure what in the world Stephenson was trying to do. Maybe he’s trying to get the Grizzlies to cut him? Hmmm…

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[via For the Win]