When Kevin Garnett retires, he will do so as an NBA champion. He helped the Celtics win the 2008 NBA Finals against the Lakers and then did this:

But it doesn’t sound like that’s the Finals that KG remembers best. Rather, it seems as though he’s still hung up on the fact that the Celtics blew a 3-2 series lead against the Lakers two years later to lose the 2010 NBA Finals. At least, that’s what his current Timberwolves teammate Gorgui Dieng told the Boston Globe this week.

“He always talks about the [2010] Finals they lost,” Dieng said. “I think he can’t swallow the pill. He always talks about it. You can see how angry he is when he talks about that Finals. They were great and they were going to win it, and he still doesn’t understand why they lost.”

Assuming this is true, are you even surprised? KG is KG, so of course he’s still pissed about losing to the Lakers. And we wouldn't expect him to get over it anytime soon.

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