Depending on which source you believe, Kevin Durant is either heading to the Lakers or signing with the Warriors this summer when he becomes a free agent, with the Warriors being the “frontrunners” according to Yahoo! Sports. But according to KD, he hasn’t given much thought to his next move yet and is focused on the Thunder’s season, not his impending free agency. He gave a long response about it during a media session this morning, but truthfully, he didn’t say much about it other than that the free agency rumors surrounding him aren’t a distraction to his current team.

"Nobody talks about it here," he said. "We don't even talk about basketball outside of the court. Free agency chatter, we don't talk about that stuff. As soon as we walk out this court, it's friendship and brotherhood. We don't talk about basketball. It makes it easier when you have a group of guys that's not always turned on talking about basketball. Like I said, it's something that's out of my control. Guys are going to write stories on what they're going to write about. I just try to stay locked in on where I am."

Here are KD's entire responses to the free agency questions he was asked if you want to read them:

KD can’t stop reporters from asking him free agency questions this season, but if he continues to give canned answers like this when they ask him about this summer, they will hopefully stop.

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