An Iowa high school basketball team had to endure racially insensitive chants during a game earlier this week that were inspired by Donald Trump.  

Perry High School, a diverse institution that according to "bucks the trend of what is typically found in a rural Iowa setting," played on while fans mocked them with Trump-themed taunts. 

At Monday night’s game against Dallas Center-Grimes, opposing fans used Trump’s disdain for illegal immigrants to target several players of Latino descent.

"We are all aware of racism, it's alive and well in small portions but it's alive and well and it's just hurtful to see that's what they resort to,” said Kevin Lopez, Perry Student Section Leader.

Chants like “Trump, Trump, Trump” and "USA" were said.

According to players, chants like, “Trump, Trump, Trump,” were said and they were trying to intimidate Perry players by reciting things Trump has said about what he plans to do with immigrants and their children if he is elected. reported that Dallas Center-Grimes "confirmed the chants" and "said the issue has been addressed at the school." Dallas Center-Grimes refused to reveal whether any students were punished for the taunts.

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