Sadly, there are quite a few videos on YouTube that feature angry fathers physically attacking high school wrestlers in the aftermath of matches. It kind of seems like it’s somewhat normal in the HS wrestling world. And over the long weekend, a father from Nebraska became the latest father to seek revenge on his son’s wrestling opponent when he allegedly attacked a 17-year-old who beat his son at a tournament and then, according to him, started “talking crap.”

Stacey Micheel, 40, has been charged with felony child abuse for attacking the unnamed wrestler. Micheel allegedly slammed the boy to the ground in a hallway after the match. Only one other person saw it happen, but a surveillance video reportedly captured the attack. Micheel is now facing up to three years in jail and a $10,000 fine for his actions.

We get being pissed off about your kid taking an L. But is attacking his opponent really the best way to go about dealing with it?

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