Last week, Daniel Bryan stunned the pro wrestling world when he announced that he was retiring from the WWE, effective immediately, because of a series of concussions that he sustained throughout his career. During subsequent interviews, he revealed that the concussions had caused him to suffer seizures. But in an interview with Good Morning America today, he also revealed that, despite the obvious medical concerns he had in light of the seizures, he asked his wife Brie Bella at one point not to tell the WWE about them. She begrudgingly obliged and kept it a secret.

In the clip above, you can hear Bryan talk more about the concussions. Brie Bella discusses how scary it was to see him suffer and also says that, while she’s not going to pull the plug on her WWE career just yet, she is planning on retiring from pro wrestling sooner than later. Check out the video to hear her explanation for it.

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