When Chip Kelly agreed to become the 49ers new head coach last month, most people assumed that no one would be happier about it than Colin Kaepernick. Prior to Kelly coming on board, it sounded like Kaepernick was going to be released by the team this offseason. But once he became coach, the thought was that Kaepernick’s career would get a second life thanks to Kelly’s uptempo offense.

But…so much for that?

According to the New York Daily News, Kaepernick is reportedly not interested in playing for Kelly. Or rather, he’s not interested in playing for the Niners anymore. Last season was a mess for him, so he wants to go get a fresh start somewhere else. And the Daily News has heard that he might be interested in making his way to the East Coast to play for the Jets.

The Daily News didn’t get anyone to speak on the record about Kaepernick’s future. But hey, today’s other major sports rumor coming out of the Bay Area involves Kevin Durant signing with the Warriors this summer. So Kaepernick wanting to leave San Fran to sign with the Jets doesn’t sound that crazy, right? Stay tuned to see if Kaepernick responds to this report.

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