It looks like the Stro Show is now a musical. Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Marcus Stroman has apparently joined the ranks of star athletes who take up rapping as a side hustle, a not-so-exclusive club that counts Shaquille O’Neill, Floyd Mayweather Jr., and Macho Man Randy Savage (RIP), and many more among its members.

Marcus recently teamed up with rapper Mike Stud, a former relief pitcher and college teammate of Stroman’s, on his latest single “These Days.” Stro Show appears in the video for the original track, and hops on the remix to spit a few bars of his own.  

Stroman’s verse touches on subjects such as partying with teammate Josh Donaldson, coming back from his ACL injury, and his recently trademarked personal motto HDMH (“Height Doesnt’ Measure Heart”). Here are a few choice lines:

“Made it rain in Vegas with the MVP J.D., no whiskey.”

“Allegedly, there are some stereotypes about my height I don't like. Trademark HDMH for life.”

“My vision is to get it while I'm living, I keep winning. Legendary comeback, ACL incision, yea.”

Hey, what the vertically challenged pitcher lacks in height and lyrical clout, he more than makes up for with a 96MPH fastball.

Listen to the “These Days” remix above, and for full effect, check out his appearance in the music video for Mike Stud’s original mix below.